Garden of Frederiksborg castle

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One of the most impressive castles in Denmark is the Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød a short trip north from Copenhagen by car or train. The castle used to be a royal castle but today it is the museum for Danish national history.

It cost money to go inside and explore the castle which is well worth it if you have time. But if you only want to explore something for free you can go behind the castle. There is a large park behind the castle which is open to the public. The park is next to the castle and there is a little lake next to the castle – so it is all pretty nice to go and walk around.

Designed garden in front of the castle

I guess the park is prettier in the later in the spring or in the summer when the trees has the leaves – now the park looks a little bare with all the dead trees.

It is still nice to have a little look at the castle from the park – so it is worth spending a little time around the park any time of the year. During the summer you can also catch a tour boat around the lake in front of the castle – unfortunately the boat isn’t running for the moment so it will have to be another time.

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