Old town of Husum

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We drive a few kilometers north from the nice Dutch town of Friedrichstadt to another fairly big town in South Schleswig called Husum. The old town is located right at the coast of the tidal sea which is now a UNESCO world heritage as one of the largest tidal flats in the world.

The location next to the sea mean Husum used to be exposed to the winter storm coming in from the North Sea. Down at the harbor is a pillar showing the water level during different floods which hit the area. Two of the floods hitting the area are the devastating floods of 1362 and 1634 which is called the big drowner of men. These floods killed tens of thousands of men possible 100,000 people. The devastating floods did spike the early development of dikes in the area to protect against future storms.

After having a little look at the pillar we wonder around the harbor area which has a lot of people visiting during a sunny weekend. There is also a nice collection of old houses at the harbor which is nice to look at as well.

Behind the harbor are a few more places with some nice buildings which is a nice to walk around between. The town is fairly small so it is easy to wonder most of the place fairly quickly. Of course you can always spend some time at the restaurants and shops at the harbor area.

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