Stork Village of Schleswig

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We get to village of Bergenhusen which is located about 50 kilometers south of the Danish border is a nice old village with many old thatched roofed houses. The houses could be an attraction in itself – but the main attraction of the village is the many white storks which share the village with the local inhabitant.

The village is located in a good area for the stork with many areas with a bit of water making a good living condition for frogs and other small animals which serves as food for the stork. So the storks have made the thatched roof houses their summer home.

About 20 or so storks has a nest in the village and it is normal to spot a house with a white stork nest on the roof. The storks are the main attraction of the village and there is actually a museum about the storks as well. We didn’t go to the museum just went to spot storks in the afternoon so we have no idea what the museum is like.


    1. The storks make it further north. We have the occassional stork in denmark as well.

      Btw Schleswig is an old dukedom traditionally under the danish King while Holstein is a traditional part of Germany.

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      1. All the way to Denmark? Wow.
        Yes I remember, but it is very vague. As a part of the world “stuck” in the middle of different, rival, kingdoms? Shifting from one to the other? I will check the history tonight.

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      2. No. I just checked again. It is important for all Europeans, I think. Just a reminder of the constant struggles for land.
        I suspect people at the border on each side understand each other, right?

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      3. This was not just a struggle for land. It was a fight between culture and national identitet as well.

        South of the border they speaker German and north we ses Danish. The languages is different so you can’t understand one if you know the other. However many people across the border speak both languages.

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      4. Oh absolutely. Land is just the “pretext” of the powerful. The excuse. To grab what is not theirs. When I look back at European history and out thousands of years of war, I can only hope peace will stick around a bit. Have a great week-end.

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