Dutch city in Schleswig

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The city of Friedrichstadt was founded in 1621. It was founded when the Duke Freidrich III of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp manage to persuade some Dutch settlers to come and found the city. He wanted their knowledge of how to manage the marsh landscape in the area and try to get some agriculture going in the harsh condition. The Dutch were the best at farming under these conditions thanks to the low lying location of the Netherlands.

He managed to attract some Dutch who followed a special branch of Lutheran Christianity. They were promised they would get religious freedom if they settled in the new town. The settlers decide to name the town after the duke.

The town flourished and it has a nice center which it is possible to go and visit today. When you go to the town you can see the Dutch origin of the people of the town. The center of the city has a lot of houses in traditional Dutch style. The main attraction is the large square in the center where most people seems to congregate on this sunny summer weekend. There are a few restaurants at the restaurants in addition you find several shops selling ice-cream which was a great hit on the warm day.

Canal in Friedrichstadt

We walk around the rest of the city for a bit but the main attraction is certainly this square. There are also a couple of canals where you can go for a little tour of the canals. We don’t take a boat so we only enjoy the view along the canal for a bit.


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