Outdoor museum at Rättvik Gammelgård

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There are a lot of different outdoor museums spread across Sweden. Many of them in small towns are only a selection of old houses from the last couple of centuries. But here at Rättvik Gammelgård you find some old houses which are really old. The oldest of the houses here at the area is dating from 14th century making them really old. They collected these old houses from the small villages around Rättvik and took them here to preserve them for posterity.

During the museum opening hours you can go inside the houses for free and supposedly they have a nice collection of old furniture some of which is supposedly very old. Unfortunately we don’t have a chance to go inside the houses which is closed for the season when we arrive in late October. Instead we can only walk around the area and see it from the outside.

It is interesting to walk around the area and see the many old houses which are located at a fairly large area. The oldest houses look pretty interesting and we enjoy walking around these old houses.

In addition to the houses it is nice to look at the fall colours at the many trees which grow around the area of the outdoor museum.


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