Gällivare Hembygdsområde – outdoor museum

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In the outskirts of Gällivare there is a little outdoor museum. It has a collection of old buildings from the northern part of Sweden. The museum is officially closed for the season but the buildings is located in a forestry area with public access so we can just walk in from the street and have a look at the old buildings from the outside – to go in you will have to come in the summertime when the museum is fully operational.

It is nice to walk around in the forest at fall look at the old houses. There are several traditional Swedish red wooden houses in the forest which are always nice to see. They are built by rough planks and painted by the traditional Falun red colour which is so widespread across all of Sweden.

In addition to these traditional Swedish houses there is a section with Sami dwellings. The Sami dwelling is the traditional food storage on a large pole but there is also some interesting turf houses built in the middle of the forest. It is interesting they actually use this building style in an area with so many trees – I would assume they would just use wood to build their dwellings and only use the turf houses in areas above the tree line where there was no other choice in building materials.

The museum is fairly small so we don’t spend a lot of time wondering the forest but it was nice to have a little walk about in the forest.

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