Sami museums at Gällivare

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Up in northern Sweden the large towns are few and far between. After Kiruna the second most important town in this region is Gällivare. Like Kiruna the main industry in the city is a large iron mine which you can usually visit – but the tours of the mine is closed for the moment so it will not be an option.

Station in Gällivare

The city has a couple of other attractions in the form of a couple of small museums of the northern region with a special focus on the Sami who live in the northern region of Sweden.

One of the museums is located on the first floor of the train station in Gällivare – the train station doubles as a tourist office and there is surprisingly a few people down at the train station despite the fact there is only few trains departing from this station a day.

The museums have some small display with the local wildlife in the region and old Sami costumes so you can see the traditional clothing of the northern people.

There is also a section about the minorities of Sweden which traditionally was the Sami, the Finish who had settled in Sweden and a minority called Tornedalingar which I never heard about before. Apparently they live in the northern region of Sweden. In addition to these there used to be some Jews and Roma people living in Sweden for a long period. Now these traditional minorities have been supplemented by large immigrant communities spread across the entire country.

We enjoy the museums which were interesting for a little while. They were free to enter so it was an advantage we could spend a little time here without breaking the budget. After the little visit to these museums we continue the drive south.

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