Stating the sight seeing early

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We have stayed the night at a special hotel called Samegård in Kiruna. It is actually a sort of cultural center for the Sami community around Kiruna who come to meet in the ground floor – but on the first floor they have a few rooms. So they rent these rooms to make some money for the community center.

In the basement under the building there is a little museum about the Sami life and tradition in the area. Most people have to pay the entrance fee which I think was 100 SEK or around 10€. But we stayed a night so the entrance to the small museum is actually free for us.

So after breakfast we tell the young woman who seems to be working as a receptionist for the day if we can go and visit the museum. She looks very Swedish with here long blond hair but apparently she is a member of the Sami community and considers herself as an ethnic Sami.

The museum is fairly small and I think I would have found the entrance fee a bit steep if we had actually had to pay it. But when it was free to have a quick look around it was a great way to start the day with some easy sightseeing – we didn’t even have to put on the jacket before we went to the museum. After the quick walk around the museum it is time to start heading back south to the warmer weather of Denmark.


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