Outdoor museum of Vittangi

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We drive south from Karesuando at the border between Finland and Sweden to the small village of Vittangi. We decide to break the journey for a little bit in this small village which has a nice located down at one of the many lakes in northern Sweden. You may know Finland as the land of the thousand lakes but Sweden certainly has its share as well.

We stop in front of the church which is really close to the lake and has sufficient parking – at least when it is outside the time of the service. We walk from there to have a look at the nice lake. There doesn’t seem to be very much else of interest right around the church so we quickly head back to the car.

We continue from the church to a little outdoor museum right outside the main village. The little museum has a collection of nice old buildings from the region – unfortunately the museum is closed for the season so we can’t go inside any of the houses or the main museum building. We just have to settle with walking around the area for a little bit looking at all the old buildings.

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