Road from the Finish border to Kiruna

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We head back from Karesuando at the Finish border to Kiruna. There is a bit of sun but the days are pretty short up here so it looks like the sun will soon disappear – there is a bit of cloud coming now which will make it less likely we will be able to spot the northern light tonight. But we are still hopeful there will be a semi clear sky tonight.

We enjoy the drive with a few lakes in the northern landscape of Sweden. There are some great views along the lonely road – after we managed to pass a school bus just outside Karesuando we only saw a few cars going the other way.

The main highlight of the day is another little group of reindeers next to the road. This seems to be our daily highlight in this part of the world. It is a bit funny we never pay much attention to other domestic animals around the world but here it is a highlight.

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