Log cabin in Karesuado

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Down at the river in Karesuado is an old log cabin which used to belong to Lars Levi Laestadius who was a botanist and Lutheran pastor for the community of Karesuado. He was very concerned about the life of the Sami people who he observed many had begun to drink significant amount of alcohol. He tried to convince the Sami to stop drinking and he completely stopped drinking himself with the exception of wine in use for the Holy Communion.

The old buildings down at the river

He was a very pious priest and started a new religious movement with strict rules including the avoiding of alcohol. His movement had some controversies to such an extent the bishop decided there should be two services in the church of Karesuando so people following the idea of the priest could go for one service and more mainstream Lutherans could join the other service.

Inside the cabin

Despite the controversy Laestadius has a large following and they even named this religious movement after him. To remember this important priest they have saved his old log cabin in Karesuado which is located right down at the river in the city. The cabin has a great location here at the river.

The cabin is open for visitors all year – you can just walk in the door and have a look around inside the cabin. It used to work as a meeting hall as well so there are several benches inside.

River behind the cabin

We have a quick look at the cabin. There is also a small museum next door – but this museum seems to be only operating seasonally during the summer season so we don’t get to visit the museum.

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