Stopping at the Arctic Circle

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Driving south from Jokkmokk we go pass a little lake. The road is right next to the lake and it looks really nice so we decide to stop at the parking lot next to the lake. It turns out the parking lot is actually located right at the Arctic Circle. Surprisingly there was no sign indicating it was the Arctic Circle until we reach the parking lot.

We stop and ready the information – it turns out the Arctic Circle isn’t actually at a fixed located over time – it moves north and south slowly during a period of 40,000 years. The Arctic Circle actually moves a total of 180 kilometers during this period. It doesn’t move straight north south instead it fluctuates during a period of 18.6 years where it moves 570 meters during a circle.

The northern most location of the Arctic Circle will be reached in year 12,000 so we were a little early for the northern most location. The current location will be reached again in year 22,000 and finally the southernmost location will be reach in year 32,000 so remember to make a note in your calendar for this special event.

View of the lake at the Arctic Circle

We enjoy the view of the lake and the information of the Arctic Circle and then we continue the drive south of the circle so it will be no Arctic night for us this time around.

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