Sami settlement next to our accommodation

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We stay in a cabin at a small camp site just north of Honningsvåg. Like so many other campsite around Norway it has a prime location – generally camp sites seems to have better locations than hotels in this part of the country.

The largest house at the settlement

Right across the road from the camp there is a small Sami settlement – so we can go over and have a little look at the place. There is nobody home for the moment so we can walk around a bit and see what it is like. I am not sure if people actually still live here from time to time – or if it has just been left behind as an outdoor museum.

We go around and see the small settlement which consists of a turf building and a couple of wooden houses. One thing we hadn’t seen before was a little house on the top of a long pole. This type of construction is actually used as storage of food for the Sami. The little building on the top of the pole was built in a way to make it difficult for animals to get inside the little construction.

Food storage

It was a nice little walk around the place and after we had a look we took a walk down to the edge of our camp site from where there is a great view of the bay below.


      1. The structures at the back behind the line of washing. The poles are shorter but the principle is exactly the same. The main animals they’re concerned about there are rats I think

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      2. Some of them are smaller but yes, I guess this one is quite large. They also plant little vegetable gardens on raised wooden platforms for the same reason

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