Looking for king crab lunch

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The king crab is native to the northern Pacific Ocean – but in the 1960s some Russian scientist took a few king crabs from the Pacific and let them loose in the Barents Sea a bit to the west of Norway. The crabs had no natural enemies in this new ocean and they started reproducing rapidly. In only a few years the crabs had gone from 7 to hundreds of thousands and later to millions today.

Boats in the harbor of Kamøyvar

In only a decade or so the first king crabs started to show up in northern Norway and it is still one of the best places to find king crabs in the world today. Thanks to this the price of a king crab lunch or dinner is very reasonably priced in Norway compared to other foods.

So as a consolation price after not going to North Cape we will search for the big crabs and help fight the spread by eating one. We were told there was a place in the small village of Kamøyvær so we go there. When we get there we can’t find the restaurant which is supposed to serve king crab – which is a bit surprising considering the village is tiny and we can pretty much see the whole village from the harbor where we found a place to park.

Busy harbor pier with all the fishing equipment

Even though we can’t find any king crabs the village is actually pretty nice to see and we have a little look at the harbor which is a fishing harbor with several boats in the port when we get there. The harbor is the most interest sight in the town – but it is actually a nice little place to have a little look.


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