How not to get to North Cape

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We have spent a long time driving north to finally reach the legendary destination of North Cape. You might think it is the northern most point at the European continent. This actually isn’t the case. The location of North Cape is on an island so it isn’t the northern most point on continental Europe and I guess Svalbard island group would be even further to the north. And it actually isn’t the northern most point on this island either. There is another place a couple of kilometers away which actually stretches another few hundred meters further north.

Never the less this was one of the main reasons we went all the way up here to go to the legendary location of North Cape. So you would assume we would head straight up there in the morning. But no we went to a museum in the main town on the island instead. We went there because the weather was pretty bad with low hanging clouds on the small mountains in the area – and North Cape is one of the highest points on the island. So we waited a bit hoping for the clouds to clear.

Entrance to North Cape in the fog

The clouds hadn’t really disappeared but we decided to drive up the hill to see what it would be like. After a little bit we reached the clouds and it was hard to see anything so the driving went from reasonable speed to slow pace trying to follow the road by looking at the white clouds on the side of the road.

After a slow drive to the top we finally reached the entrance booth to North Cape. We could go in if we wanted to pay the fee of admission. But we are now only a few cars away from the entry gate – or so we think. We can’t actually see the ticket stall through the thick fog. Other people do continue inside – but we decide to pass on the entrance. If we can’t enjoy the view there really isn’t much point in heading to North Cape. I can live without the shirt claiming I reached North Cape.

We head back and drive slowly down the hill until we finally get below the fog and can drive a bit faster to get back to our cabin at the camping lot.


  1. Oh no, so you didn’t actually reach your target?! When we went to the North Cape on the bus tour from our Hurtigruten ship it was February so the days were really short. By the time we got there it was already getting dark, there was some snow reducing visibility and the path from the visitor centre to the monument at the tip was like a sheet of ice. And did I mention that the winds were horizontal and gale force??? My husband braved the walk to say he had been there but I decided taking poor photos from the visitor centre doorway was better than breaking an arm, or worse, falling over on the ice! So I didn’t quite make it either, although I got a little closer than you did 😆

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    1. I can imagine the it can be cold up there in February. with wind and snow blowing around. When we went it was supposed to be 24 hour sun. But only if you can see the sun 🙂

      Anyways sometime the journey is the important thing so even if we hadn’t reach the cape the drive up through Norway had been amazing. The journey was actually the main objective and not the cape.

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