Leaving Lofoten

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The good weather in northern Norway didn’t last long – the few days we had in the sun on Lofoten has been replaced by clouds and rain again – I guess it is about time to start driving out of Lofoten. We had fortunately timed our visit perfectly and it is time to continue to the north.

We decide to drive along a small road away from Laukvik to get back to the main road. The traffic on this road is even less than it had been along the more direct road to the small village. The road follows the coast and there are some pretty great views along the drive despite the bad weather.

A tiny village at the bay

We enjoy the views of the beach and the small mountains on the islands as we drive along the road for about half an hour. Then it is time to leave the islands and go back to the mainland. This time around we can actually drive all the way instead of taking a ferry off the island so there will be no waiting time to catch a ferry.

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