Nusfjord – a village at the side road

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Driving along the main E10 highway through Lofoten you can enjoy some great views of the island – but if you really want to see the beauty of the island it is necessary to do at least some detours from the main road. One of those great detours will take you out to the small village of Nusfjord. It is only a little drive of a bit more than 10 minutes to reach the village from the main highway.

Nusfjord seen from above

The village is a lovely little village located around a fjord – obviously Nusfjord. The village is an old fishing community but I guess the time has changed and now the village is making most of its money from the tourism industry. The old fishing houses down at the harbor have been transformed into a small resort – which has surprisingly expensive rooms.

If you don’t mind spending your money by the bucket load this is your chance to experience an old fishing village up close and personal and enjoy the view of the harbor all day and night. I guess you will have the place really to yourself after dinner time since the village already looked pretty quiet when we come here in the early evening. The village is really tiny – so we are happy just to have  a sort wonder around before we continue back to where we stay at a somewhat more budget friendly Airbnb.


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