Surfing in the Arctic

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I guess most people consider surfing a warm water sport – but people living in the high north do not agree. They like surfing too and with the waves of the north Atlantic hit the western shore of the islands of Lofoten this is a good opportunity for people to go and have some water fun.

The beach of Skagsanden does have the looks of a great beach. And it does attract a dedicated group of people who think the access to the water is only a matter of how thick your wetsuit is. I guess they go with a good 7 millimeter suit and then hope for the best in the freezing water.

Pretty beach – if it was only 16 degrees warmer

We didn’t bring a wetsuit so we stay dry on the shore not tempting faith to see what happens if you jump in the cold water up here. Fortunately it was very easy to get to this stretch of beach since it was pretty much just next to the main highway E10 which runs all the way through the islands of Lofoten and continue to Sweden.

Since we are not swimming this afternoon there doesn’t seem to be much reason to stay and enjoy the afternoon sun here we might as well do it back where we are staying. And the afternoon sun around here last forever until it is replaced by the early morning sun.


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