Ending the road at the final letter of the alphabet

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We have finally reached the end of the tourist road E10 which runs all the way across Lofoten. The town out at the end of the road has a really short name – just Å. This just happens to be the last letter in the Dansih alphabet so I find the name kind of fitting for a town which is located at the end of the road with nowhere to go.

The road ends at a large parking lot and there is a little view down at the village below. From the parking lot it doesn’t look very nice down at the town below the parking lot so we don’t walk down to the village and just have a little look at Å from the parking lot and then decide to drive back.

It might sound a little silly not to have a look at the village which has sort of been the objective for the day’s drive out here and it has taken a while to get here. But the purpose of the drive wasn’t to go to the village of Å but to enjoy the view in the sun along the road out here. The drive has been amazing out here and it must rank as one of the main scenic drives around Norway and has been well worth the drive out here.

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