A little surprise before the end of the road

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We have almost reached the end of the highway through Lofoten in just  few kilometers the road will end at a dead end – but just before we get there is a fairly big little town. Well a town quickly get to be labeled as big around here everywhere else it would be tiny.

Harbor of Sørvågen with the small houses

Despite the fact this is a big village it is still very charming. We stop to have a bit of a closer look at the small town and head down to the harbor of the village. This isnt one of the main tourist stops along the road so there is a lot less tourist around here than the more famous places on the islands.

We get down and walk around the old fishing houses which is called rorbuer. The old houses are built on stilts out in the water and there is actually a little bit of a walkway between the stilts under the houses down at the water.

Walking down to the water is pretty with the view of the harbor and the houses around the harbor. It is nice to walk a bit in relative peace and quiet at these islands with all the people around the area.


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