Heading to the sandy beach

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This wasn’t really the year for the exotic beach holiday in Asia or other places you might choose for your next beach destination. But even without the long plane ride there might be a beach somewhere to head for.

We are finding a beach today – it turns out just a little drive north of the main highway through Lofoten we reach a nice sandy beach. The look of the beach is stunning and it can measure up with most of the exotic beach you might find at other more famous beach destinations.

Enjoying summer in the Arctics

The white sand looks attractive and a lot of people do go to the beach to relax so it is actually difficult to find a parking spot at the beach. There is a bit of beach party going on – but people do tend to stay on the beach and avoid swimming up here. The water in the arctic waters of Lofoten isn’t warm even during the height of the summer.

We are not bucking the trend going for a swim so we only stay for a little while enjoying the view of the white beach before we continue the journey around the islands.


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