Small village of Laukvik

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There aren’t a lot of cheap options to stay at Lofoten during the high season – so you might have to do a little comprise – and this is just what we did. We found a reasonable priced Airbnb at the small village of Laukvik. The village is sort of a bit out of the way on a side road which ends at the village so we did have to drive a bit back forward to get to and from our place. But considering we saved a lot compared to the more centrally located options it was worth it.

Our little Airbnb

The village actually has a very nice location and it is pretty quiet since there is no tourist making it out here unless they actually spend a night or more in the village. The main little attraction in the village is the area around the harbor which is a very nice little place with a small lighthouse and a great view back towards the mountains. For some reason this prime real-estate of the village is occupied by a camping lot which during our visit do attract a lot of mobile home – and every one at this camping place seems to have at least two dogs. It turns out there is some sort of a dog competition going on the next day which helps explain the unusually large number of dogs.

We only spend time at night in the village – but this is the arctic and the sun doesn’t set during the summer so we can go around the place any time we want and explore the area. It is a bit confusing when you wonder around a place at midnight and it still look like it is only late afternoon. Fortunately most people do tend to try to obey by the normal rhythm of life so they start to sleep around 11 or so and if you go out after this time you will have everything to yourself to explore. Not that there would be very many places outside the harbor area any time of the day.

A little on the outskirts of the city is a strange rack. This is actually a fish drying rack and when you look closer you can see there are a lot of fish heads hanging at the rack drying. I guess this is made for the Asian market which might like to buy what is considered scrap in this part of the world.


The village was actually a decent base – but it did kind of require us cooking ourselves since the number of restaurants in the area is very limited. Supposedly there should be a restaurant somewhere but I am not sure since we didn’t see it and there really was a lot in the village.

Taken one minute before midnight in Laukvik


    1. It was a surpringsly lovely little place. It is pretty low on the tourist radar for Lofoten making it a bit cheaper – but less convenient.

      The midnight sun can cause confusion. You just have to decide its time to go to bed despite the sunshine. And then you need good curtains in the bedroom.

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