The remote village of Henningsvær

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We are driving along the main road of Lofoten but decide to do a little detour to the small village of Henningsvær. It is located at a dead end road where you have to drive about 10 kilometers one way from the highway. It seems like everybody has got the same idea today so there is actually a bit of traffic on the road.

The small harbor of Henningsvær

The village is located on a small island and to reach it you have to cross a couple of different small islands to get out there. The island is connected with small narrow one lane bridges – so this is one of the few places in northern Norway where you have traffic lights to regulate the traffic on the bridges. After a few stops at the different bridges we make it across to the island where Henningsvær is located.

We get out to the village which is a bit busy so it is difficult to find a place to park but we finally manage and then it is time to go out and explore the village for a bit. It is a nice little village centered around a little harbor. And it is nice walk around the harbor.

Bridge to Henningsvær

But there are a bit of a crowd – which is a shame and do take a bit off the experience of wondering the town compared to the other small villages in northern Norway when you pretty much has the place to yourself.


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