The view of Austnesfjorden

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We finally head to the famous string of islands of Lofoten.  We drive out from the mainland to the first of the string of islands which combined is called Lofoten. The first island is home to the main city of the islands in Svolvær but even the biggest city on these islands is still pretty small. Out here it is nature which is in focus – which is actually the case in most of Norway outside a couple of the bigger cities.

Small village at Austnesfjorden

The road is one of the most popular tourist roads in Norway and there is quite a few people driving along the road compared with the other roads we have been driving on. Despite the many tourists there is a surprising lack of places to stop and take pictures along the drive – you have to settle with a few and far between scenic viewpoints and your ability to tolerate the risk of just parking in obscure locations along the road.

View of Austnesfjorden

We drive around a corner and it looks pretty scenic and for once there is actually scenic viewpoint and we decide to go out and have a look. The place is Austnesfjorden and there are great view from this location to both a small village at the fjord and the fjord on the other side of this small peninsula.

Surprisingly there are only a few other people stopping at this spot so we have it almost to ourselves. And the view is great for a little stop. There is only the view and no options of hiking right here so it is just a short stop along the drive.


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