Getting off the tourist trail

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After having spent a couple of days just outside Lofoten we finally head towards this legendary destination. It is quickly obvious we are not the only ones who are heading for Lofoten during this summer – it seems like half of the Norwegian population has decided to go to Lofoten now every other destination in the world has become questionable.

The bridge to Vestvågøy

So it doesn’t take long before the traffic picks up when we drive towards Lofoten – there is only one main road through the string of islands and it seems like most people insist on driving along the main highway E10.

We drive across a bridge to one of the islands which combined with the other islands is called Lofoten. We arrive at the island of Vestvågøy and when we cross the bridge we can decide to go left or right. If we continue right we would follow the main road E10 and if we turn left we will head to a smaller road along the south coast of the island.

What a difference such a turn can do. When we drive left we get to a small winding road with only a fraction of the people who was driving the main road. The road down south is very scenic with many great views of the coastline. The drive is further helped by the fact weather is finally sunny after so many rainy days during the trip.

A small village in the distance

We continue the drive all along the south coast until the road pretty much ends in E10 again around Leknes and we drive back to our Airbnb along the main E10 road.


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