Final ferry journey

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We had been taking a lot of ferries along our journey up north in Norway. We didn’t realize – but this next ferry journey would actually be our last. It seemed like we had taken at least a ferry everyday on the trip so it was hard to imagine there would be no more ferries.

Ferry along E6 to Narvik

At least this trip was the one taking us to what we expect to be one of the main highlights of the trip. The days we are going to spend in and around Lofoten islands. The ferry we are taking to Lødingen isn’t technically taking us to Lofoten but an area nearby. We decided to go here since the ferries to Lofoten seemed to be pretty full unless you wanted to take the ferry at 2 at night. The sun is shining all day so it wouldn’t look much different from the afternoon journey but we do try to keep the normal rhythmed going where we will be sleeping from midnight to sometime in the morning.

Long line waiting for the ferry to Narvik – doubt they can all fit on the small ferry

The ferry we are taking still seem pretty busy – but unlike the long ferry journey you can take from Bodø and other places further south this trip is only one hour. This makes the ferry departures somewhat more frequent so even if we miss the first one we should be able to catch one an hour later.

Mountains on the mainland of Norway

We arrive at the ferry and by the looks of it we may just miss this departure. There are a lot of cars and campervans in front of us and the usual ferries around here only take a limited number of vehicles – so by my calculation the first ferry should be out but hopefully we could manage to get onboard the next one.

It turns out the ferry to Lødingen is slightly bigger than the ferries we have been used to – so we actually manage to get onboard the boat as one of the very last cars. Great. We have managed to get onboard every ferry on our trip in Norway – not missing a single one due to the line in front of us – it is actually a bit of an achievement since we have heard about many people missing ferries along the way and the news just telling people to be patient and try to travel early or late in the day to avoid the worst of the ferry lines.

A ferry crossing from Lofoten

The final ferry trip turns out to be possibly the most scenic of them all. All along our trip we have many small mountains from the main land and the island in clear view. This is helped by the weather which is pretty good during our crossing with a bit of sun to make everything look better. It is pretty clear we have travel far north now. The snow is more significant than earlier and even the small mountains seem to have a bit of snow on the top.

A lonely house at the end of the land

The landscape is dominated by these bare mountains – not much can grow on the sloops in the short summer with only a few weeks of temperature in the double digit temperatures.

Snowy mountains in the distance

The trip across is nice and it is punctual taking around an hour to cross over.

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