Driving to the ferry

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We head along the main road in northern Norway – the E6 highway which runs all the way from the south at Oslo to the northern end of the country in Kirkenes. The highway isn’t generally considered one of the scenic routes to travel around Norway. But the section we are driving today is actually a very scenic which probably would be considered one of the most scenic roads in most other countries – just not around here.

A bare mountain along the road

We keep driving through small mountains and along different fjords on the way north. The traffic is much more intense than what we have experienced on the other roads we have travelled on our way north. Though the traffic would probably be considered light in those countries where this road would be the most scenic road of the country.

We stop a few places along the way enjoying the view of both small mountains with a bit of snow and the many fjords which is ever present along the long Norwegian coast.

Island in the fjord

We arrive at a small town of Bognes. The road ends in this town – even the main highway through Norway is cut off by a fjord and people will just have to wait at the harbor for the next ferry. By the looks of it – they will not catch the next ferry if they have just arrived. All the 8 waiting lanes for the ferry are full and there is a bit of a line on the highway itself.

Fjord and mountains

Fortunately we are not driving north for the moment – instead we catch a ferry to the small town of Lødingen from where we will start our exploration of the area around Lofoten for a few days. Unfortunately there is also a bit of a line for the ferry to Lødingen – but it is a bit shorter than the huge line for the E6 ferry – so hopefully we can make it.


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