Abandon settlement of Kjelvik

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We travel up north in Norway and we drive by a little old settlement it was called Kjelvik. The town was only a collection of a few houses and it was very remoted when it was still inhabited. The last tenant died in 1967 and the area has been abandon since then.

Old houses at the Kjelvik farm

It must have been a rather harsh life here in northern Norway when the last tenant lived here – there was no road and the only access to supplies was by boat. The goods and equipment would have to be carried from the boat to the farm at Kjelvik which was a 2 kilometers walk including an accent of about 300 meters – so it was a pretty rough hike with the supplies.

An old barn

The materials to build the house had to be made on location or it would also have to be carried or town by horses for the 2 kilometers from the coast.

When the last tenant died the houses were left behind – nobody bother to tear them down and nobody else wanted to live at this remote location. The houses were just left behind.

A little building half falling appart

Today the houses are not a museum – but it is a reminder of an ancient way of life which is now gone with the arrival of the road just next to the settlement. The house isn’t owned by anyone anymore so you are allowed to wonder around the area and see the old buildings.


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