Last ferry of the day

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We have been driving north along the edge of mainland Norway enjoying the view of the water along the road. Our destination for the night is the biggest town of the area Mo-I-Rana which is actually a bit away from the scenic coastal road – but it does feel more like a bit of a base compared to the tiny settlements of the coast.

Another ferry on the fjord

Since we are heading for the main town there is actually an option somewhere along the road to turn inland and catch the main highway E6 which runs all the way through Norway and is the main arteria of transport in the country. We decide against this easy way out and keep driving along the coast – it seems like the slow but scenic choice for the day.

When we give up the inland road there should be two different route both involving a ferry ride – but the apparently one of the ferries has shut down recently so now there is only one way to get to Mo. It is a bit scary since the lack of alternatives might result in a queue at the ferry.

Ferry port of Nesna

Fortunately we arrive at the ferry without a lot of other cars – so we will be able to catch the ferry we planned on. The ferry is a short 20 minutes trip across the fjord – but it is enough to get up on the top deck of the ferry to have a look at the fjord.

Little harbor at Nesna

Like the other ferries this ferry from Levang and Nesna is a nice scenic trip. And the fjord is protected by a couple of islands so the waves from the ocean don’t reach the fjord and the sailing is very smooth.

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