What they build a bridge

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We have been travelling along the quite scenic road along the coast at the edge of mainland Norway. The drive is very pretty and we have gotten used to getting stopped now and again by a ferry break. It seems like even the plentiful oil money which seems to be everywhere in Norway has run out – and they have given up on building bridges and tunnels along this road.

View from the

We enjoy the drive along the coast we have actually left the mainland for a little bit and gone out to a small island just off the shore of the mainland. The view along the drive is pretty the island is small so there is a view of the water on either the left or right side of the road the entire drive across the island.

We reach the end of the island – which we would have thought would involve another ferry ride to get away from the small island. But it turned out the Norwegian still had a little extra oil money to spend. So they had built a big bridge. We stop just in front of the long Helgelandsbroa which will take us back to the mainland of Norway.

The view of the bridge is a nice change. The focus on this drive have certainly been on the natural wonders of the coastal part of Norway so it is good to have a little break from the nature and see a manmade attraction.

The bridge is long and do create a great contrast to the natural surrounding so it is nice to have a little look at it. We drive across the road and back to the mainland.

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