Langhuset at Sandnes

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The traditional houses build around Scandinavia a thousand years ago was long wooden houses which were used by the rich families. The tradition of the long houses has gone away many hundred years ago but some have been recreated around the Scandinavian countries.

Rune stone in front of the house – not using runes

One of the places they have rebuilt a long houses is along the tourist road of Kystvegen. There is a houses with a large stone outside – the stone is written in letters which I guess is supposed to be similar to the ancient Rune signs – but in fact it is just a version of traditional Latin letters.

One end of the longhouse

We see the house from the road and decide to stop for a little bit to have a closer look at the house. We walk around the house to have a look at it from the outside and the giant rune stone they have placed in front of the house.

After we have walked around the house we realize it is actually open and we can go inside. So we have a little look inside. It is a big house with a lot of tables and benches. I guess they can be used for larger meetings or possible for parties where people can enjoy a Viking meal.

The long table

There are a few posters on the wall telling a bit of the story of the house and a family who had lived around here. The family was pretty important and related to the Norwegian king Harald Hårfager.

The family tree of the owner of the house

There is a man in the house dressed in old costume but he is a bit busy with the only other visitors at the house so we never realize what his function actually is before we go back out of the house.


    1. I know this one is a bit overgroet. But that’s the only similarity i could see. This house is built by giants piece of timber and is much bigger than the Turf houses. I guess this tradition only came into use in Iceland because of the lak of timber.

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