Rock carvings of Forvik

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The tiny settlement of Forvik doesn’t look like much – but it has a very unique location at the water where the mainland of Norway ends. So there is easy access to the natural resources both of the land and the water just off shore. There are a couple of small islands just a short distance from Forvik. So it is easy to see why this area has been attractive to early people settling in the area.

Moose and reindeer in the rock

Ancient people did come to take advantage of the options of this area. They settle in the area and decided to make a mark. They left behind ancient stone carvings – called helleristninger in the Nordic languages. When you are just about to arrive at the ferry terminal in Forvik you can turn right on the road leading away from the ferry terminal. A couple of kilometers drive down the road there is a tiny sign and a small parking lot.

Reindeer in the rock

Right here next to the road you will find a little collection of these ancient carvings. The carvings were of the animals the ancient people used to hunt and might have had some religious purpose or were supposed to bring good luck for the future hunts.

At this location there are carvings of the main animals of the area – the reindeer and the moose. Getting a moose must have been a huge price for the locals back then – they could live of the meat of such a large animal for days.

There are also carvings of fish – old people tended to get a large portion of their food from the sea. So they needed good luck with their fishing as well in addition to the hunting of larger game which might only have been successful occasionally.

The carvings outside Forvik isn’t the most impressive collection of carvings you can find in Norway but if you are not heading to Alta to see the famous carvings there these carvings are interesting.

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