Forvik – old trading post

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Getting supplies in the small settlements around the coast of Norway a couple of hundreds of years ago was a bit of a nightmare. Travelling over land across the mountains was at best extremely slow and difficult – so the only option for most places was to get supplies from transported over the sea.

Forvik Trading Post

Sailing along the coast of Norway could be dangerous at times since the north Atlantic is prone to storms and rough seas during large portions of the year. Hence only a few places were suitable to establish a trading post which could serve the surrounding area. One of these old trading posts is Forvik which is located at the end of the mainland – but sheltered from the wild North Atlantic Ocean by an island just off the shore. Hence the waves wouldn’t hit the area and ships could anchor in the protected area around the trading post.

The trading post were founded in 1792 and served the area around Forvik and the nearby village of Vevelstad with the needed trade with other settlements along the Norwegian coast. The trading place quickly grew and there were 18 buildings which helped serve the need of the people trading and travelling around the area. The trading post got permission from the King of Denmark to open an inn so the thirsty travelers could get a bit of alcohol to pass the time while waiting for their boat to leave.

During the second world war the trading post were still active and in addition to serve the locals with trade it was a resistance hide out where British secret servicemen could stay while they were trying to smuggle refugees to England and weapons the other direction.

Forvik Trading Post from the ferry

Today the trading post is still active as a hotel where travelers will stay for a night before taking the ferry from the harbor next to the trading post to travel along the scenic road of Kystvegen. You can stay in one of the basic rooms at the inn or you can put up your tent behind the inn as well. There is a small kitchen at the end inn so you can cook your own dinner if you have remembered to shop – otherwise there is a restaurant serving food at the trading place as well. We stayed a night and as a bonus you can make sure you are first in line for the ferry going north the next day so you don’t miss the ferry.


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