Vevelstad museum

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The settlement Vevelstad has a long history – the first settlement of the area date back 6,000 and you can enjoy the ancient history in the area. A historical museum is located right next to the church of Vevelstad. It is called Vevelstad Bygdetun museum.

Old house with a grassy roof at the museum

The small museum is a collection of old houses set like an old community of the area. There is supposed to be a shop at the museum – but we arrive late in the day so the museum is closed. Fortunately this doesn’t matter too much since there is free access to the land so you can go around the old houses and enjoy area.

Houses at the bygdetun museum

The small old town is located right next to the water and next to the church so the setting of the place is quite nice and very good to go and wonder around for a bit.

There is a selection of old houses – but most of them are lock. I guess you can go inside for a small fee during the museum opening hours. For some reason one of the houses were open – so we looked in the little house which were furnished with the old style furniture’s.

The houses were kind of cozy – but tiny. Back in the old days the houses certainly were built on a small scale compared to what we have been accustomed to today.

Next to the houses was a small hill with a lot of colours from the many flowers which covers the hill down towards the water. It is a pretty sight to see old those wild flowers next to the old outdoor museum and the church.

Vevelstad church

We enjoyed the little stop at the old village. The museum might be small but it was pretty to have a little look at just before we arrive at our destination for the night.

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