Another scenic ferry break

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We are leaving the mountain with a hole behind and head towards another ferry. We have checked the timetable in advance and have sort of timed our arrival with the departure time of the ferry. We get to the ferry terminal a little before the departure and can enjoy the view at the terminal at Horn for a bit.

The ferry is one more time sailing between tiny towns which you probably would miss if you were driving on another road where you didn’t have to stop to wait for the ferry. Fortunately we do have to stop so we can stretch our legs for a bit while taking a couple of photos of the fjord.

View of the fjord outside Horn

After a little wait we get onboard the ferry – it might be high season – but the ferry is still half empty so there is lots of space for us to enjoy the view. The ferry crossing is quick it only takes around 20 minutes to cross the small fjord.

Twenty minutes sail is plenty to actually get to appreciate the views from the top deck. There always seem to be a great view from the top deck of the ferries when crossing these small Norwegian fjords.

Houses along the fjord

After the short sail we drive off the ferry and the tiny ferry port of Andalsvågen. The town is located on the coast of the mainland of Norway – but the ferry crossing is actually the only way to reach this area from anywhere in the mainland of Norway.

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