Little Berlin

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Driving along the scenic tourist route of Kystveien along the Atlantic shore you come by different old German fortifications dating back to the Second World War. These fortifications were part of the Atlantic Wall which was supposed to stop the allied from invading Europe. The fortifications are generally worth a stop. You don’t have to have any interest in the history of the war to find these spots a good stop.

Bunker in the woods

The German choose the locations for different strong points based on just how strategically important the location were. This usually meant the locations would be at a high point along the coast with a view of the ocean so they could shoot out on any approaching allied troops and try to stop any invasion before it made it to land.

A string of bunkers along the hill

The location at these highpoints does have an amazing view of the ocean and the location we stop by a bit outside Brønnøysund is no exception from this rule.

Gun at the top of the hill

A little artillery group used to be stationed in Brønnøysund to man different strongholds in the area controlling the access to Brønnøysund. The group consisted of around 120 men which were actually about 10 percent of the small community. This gave the city the nickname little Berlin – the nickname were also partly due to the local population which were more sympathetic to the occupying forces compared to the rest of the country. About 90 people from the town were indeed members of Quislings local Nazi party.

Old searchlight

We go and visit a stronghold along the road. We park the car and from here it is a short walk up the hill to the top where there are some remains of the old stronghold. There are a couple of bunkers used by the soldiers and a gun standing on top of the hill from where it could shoot out on any approaching force below. There is also a giant searchlight which must have been used during the night to spot approaching boats.

In addition to these old remains from the war – there are also a stunning view from the top. This view is well worth the short hike up the hill even without the historic remains.

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