Ferry along Kystveien

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Driving in Norway is pretty much always slow going thanks to the low speed limited and the absence of major highways where you can actually overtake slower traffic. Driving the scenic route of Kystveien give new meaning to the concept of slow travel. The road is slow in itself and the journey is broken down into sections thanks to no less than four ferry crossings along the road.

We arrive to the first of the six crossing early in the day – the ferries along this route isn’t all that frequent so we have tried to time our arrival from Namsos to the ferry port of Holm to catch the ferry crossing the fjord to Vennesund.

Port of Holm

We arrive a bit early so we have time to enjoy the view of the tiny harbor with the view of the fjord before we have to drive onboard for the 20 minutes sail across the fjord.

The break at this ferry and the other ferries along Kystveien is actually some of the highlights of the trip. There is a great view from the ferries to the fjords we are crossing – and for once there is actually good access to parking for the car while you are taking photos. It is always strange with these scenic Norwegian roads – there never seems to be parking when they are at their most scenic. Except if you take a ferry for a part of the trip.

Houses along the fjord

When we are allow onboard the ferry we leave the car and go to the top deck. For some reason this ferry is a bit bigger than the other ferries we have taken so far. So the top deck is actually pretty high above the water. The height of the ferry does give an extra bit of elevations which I think give a little better perspective for the photos along the crossing. It is very enjoyable to stay on top despite the wind and the fairly low summer temperature which makes a jacket and a jumper a necessity if you don’t want to get hyperthermia during the crossing.

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