So this is a highway between major towns

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We head out from Molde driving on the main highway towards Trondheim. This is a couple of the biggest cities in Norway outside Oslo. You might expect a major road connecting a couple of big towns – but in Norway this generally isn’t the case. The highway E39 is just a small road with a lane in each direction and it is twisted and not easy to overtake if there is a slow campervan driving in front of you.

Bridge along the road

The road is slow going and you even get a break when you have to cross one of the fjords by ferry. They have built a lot of tunnels and bridges in Norway – but there are still some places on the major highways where they haven’t built a tunnel yet.

The road is a main highway – but it is still a very scenic drive. When you drive along the road you are never far away from one of the many fjords along the Norwegian coast. So we enjoy the drive along the road.

There are different small attractions along the road like the many purple flowers which seems to be growing all over the Norwegian landscape during the short summer in the north. There are also a few bus stops along the road – and these are pretty interesting to watch as the small wooden construction usually has a lot of grass growing on the roof. The bus stop always look pretty and it is nice to see the different bus stops.


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