Driving Atlantic Ocean Road

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One of the most scenic roads in all of Norway is Atlanterhavsvegen or the Atlantic Ocean Road. It has been named as one of the 18 National Tourist Roads of Norway – and it is for good reason. The road snake along the Atlantic Ocean crossing a series of bridges to drive across a group of small islands. It is one of the shortest tourists’ roads with a distance of only 36 kilometers or 22 miles from one end to the other. The short distance makes it an easy daytrip from either Molde or Kristiansund.

The main attraction of the road is the section of only 8.3 kilometers which runs across a small archipelago. The islands are connected by 6 bridges of different length and the drive here is one of the most scenic short drives you can find anywhere. And it has actually been declared the world’s best road trip by the Guardian back in 2006.

Arial photo of Atlantic Ocean Road

We drive from the south to the north which turns out to be the be a bit of an annoyance since most of the turnouts is on the opposite side of the road and there is a bit of traffic making it a bit difficult to cross the road. Hence it would have been a better option to start from the north and drive south – but we manage in the end.

Fortunately we manage to stop several times along the short drive. From these stops we can enjoy the view of the different bridges and the small islands along the road. The view is very nice of the coast and the many small islands are pretty dramatic view as well.

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