Crossing Langfjorden

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Traveling between Mold and the famous hairpin road at Trollstigen will have you crossing one of the many fjords in Norway. The main road takes will have you crossing Langfjorden on the ferry from the tiny village of Afarnes to the even smaller settlement of Sølsnes.

Snow on the mountains at Langfjorden

The highlight of the trip will be the hairpins on Trollstigen – but it is still nice to break the journey with a short sail on the ferry. Like always this ferry trip is a very scenic break from the drive.

It is high season but the ferry is pretty empty so there is no need to wait in line at the port before entering a ferry. It is only about ten minutes crossing the fjord.

Cars waiting for the ferry

The ten minutes sail is plenty of time to enjoy the view from the upper deck of the fjord with many small mountains. The mountains are not very high but we are getting further and further north so the summer temperature up here is modest and the snow stay even at low elevations. When heading off the ferry in Sølnes it is only a short drive to Molde through a tunnel under another fjord where they actually have replaced the ferry service by this tunnel.


      1. I have taken the ferry from Haines Alaska to prince Rupert. It was pretty but If they were fjords. I wasn’t made aware of them. I have also seen fjord of saquaney,Quebec..

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