Going to Hell and back again

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You may think Hell is a hot place – but it isn’t actually the case. It is a pretty cold place – but during a summer day it does have a decent temperature unlike what you might experience in winter.

Hell is actually a small town located a little bit north of Trondheim in Norway and it really doesn’t have any major sights. Except the signs telling the name of things around the village. We head in to take photos of the road signs – and it seems like we are the only ones who care about the signs today.

The direction for the station in Hell

We go to the second most important transportation hub in the village. The train station which has a sign indicating the name of the village – Hell. The station has some attractive features which you may not expect to find in Hell. There is an art studio and an advertising sign for the blues in Hell.

Freight office at the station in Hell

Down at the station one of the fun signs is HELL: GODS – EXPEDITION. What a proper sign to have in this village. Obviously the gods will do some expedition at this place. Another reason for the name might be gods is a Norwegian word which is translated into cargo and expedition is just expedition.

As I said this station is actually only the second most important transportation hub. The most important is actually the airport just outside the village which is the main airport serving Trondheim. You can actually fly to this airport and we have done this once a few years ago heading for Trondheim. But we didn’t arrive at Hell International Airport – instead they had named the airport after another village which is a little further from the airport – hence the name of the airport is Værnes International Airport. I guess the name given to the station and the airport partly reflect the time they were named – the train station were probably named during a time when no English speaking travelers would make it to the small town – while the airport were named when the international language of air transport were English.

Art studio in Hell

We didn’t stay long in Hell but it did seem like a nice little village. So the next time somebody tells you to go to Hell – you can tell them it isn’t a bad place to be at all.


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