Scenic break at the ferry

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We have arrived at the ferry at Anda to take the ferry on the short journey across the fjord to the ferry pier at Lote. The trip is short but it is nice to break the drive just before our hotel for the night.

Another ferry waiting at the shore

The trip across the fjord is only about 10 minutes but it is always good to take a ferry in Norway – it may be a little slow and cost money but you get a chance to get a great view of the fjord. And you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot since the car is safely parked onboard the ferry. Another good thing about the ferries is even people prone to seasickness can sail on these ferry across the fjords without trouble. The fjord is a protected area and the sailing always seem to be very smooth – we never got a trip where the waves were of any significance.

Car deck on the ferry

After we get on the ferry it is just a matter of how fast I can make it to the top car deck – it is empty on this departure. Generally they only use the top deck for departures which is full or almost full.

While sailing across there is a lot of good views to take in of the area of the fjord – and the ferry just give a little bit of elevation so it is easy to see everything.


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