Heading to a new fjord

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We have left the old road 13 and turn in to the bigger highway 39 which is the coastal road leading south to Stavanger – I guess we could have taken this road from Stavanger instead of heading inland to the area around Sognefjorden where we spend a few days.

Taking photo of the lake

Just after we head out to road 39 we get to several big lakes – so this road is very scenic despite the fact it isn’t classified as a scenic road. Sometimes the not scenic roads in Norway are better than the scenic roads.

We pass a couple of more lakes – which are very pretty – especially because the sun has started to shine a little bit. The sun does tend to make the landscape prettier.

Snowy mountains at Nordfjord

After the last of the lakes we head out to the Nordfjord – northern fjord and can enjoy the view of the fjord as well.

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