Heading to Vestkapp

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We head to the area which is called Vestkapp which translate into Western Cape – and you might think this is an indication of the point being the most western point in Norway. But this isn’t the case – so if you only travel to get to the different extreme geographical locations around the world this isn’t a destination for you. If you on the other hand want to go to the most beautiful location in a country – the Vestkapp is a good destination to go to.

View from the western cape Vestkapp in Norway

Vestkapp is located on a small mountain – it rises up from the ocean below to a height of 496 meters. The high location makes it one of the main scenic spots to go to in the area.

Baby sheep on top of the hill

Reaching the Vestkapp is up a narrow and steep road. The road is only one track but there is several turn outs along the road up to the top of the mountain so people can give way along the road. Mostly people driving down will have to give way to people driving up the hill. This is fortunate for us since we arrive late in the day so there are a lot of people going down who have to give way. But when we head down there is nobody going up so we can just drive down in the low gear with the engine screaming because of the steepness of the road making the engine head up for the highest number of round per minute it can do in first gear. And we still head down doing above 50 kilometers an hour at times.

View of the fjord below Vestkapp

At the top we are rewarded by a stunning view of the area. There is a restaurant which would have a great spot to eat dinner – but this would have had to be a couple of hours before we arrived since the restaurant is long closed. It is only open until 8 for dinner.

A small fjord below Vestkapp

At the top there is several sheep’s walking around – so when we go wondering around the area we have to pay close attention to the droppings of the sheep’s.

An old varde and the meteorological observatory at Vestkapp

On the top of the cape you find a meteorological observation station which is the main man made attraction on the top. Next to the observation station you find an old varde – a varde is a pile of stone which is a traditional way to make a mark in the far north. You build a varde so you can mark the spot of an important message which can be picked up later. During the exploration of Greenland the first explores build such stone constructions and put their important notes when it started to become obvious they wouldn’t survive the trip and they would die in the north. Fortunately this wasn’t the destiny of the people who had made this varde at the Vestkapp.

Cliffs seen from Vestkapp

The Vestkapp is certainly worth a bit of a detour to go and wonder the area for a bit and enjoy the stunning view of the western part of Norway. It is one of the best views of the coast of western Norway.

Salmon farm below Vestkapp

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