Heading down from Gaularfjellet

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We start our drive down from the top of the Gaularfjell where we enjoyed the view from Utsikten. The road down is a bit easier to drive compared to the twisted hairpin infested road up the hill.

Snow covered mountains next to the lake

The view is still good on the way down and we enjoy the drive for sure. The road is a bit wider on the way down and we can stop a few times and take a couple of photos of the view on the way.

A couple of houses down at the cold lake

The drive is nice and quiet without many cars so we enjoy the down ward drive. We still stay high enough for the snow to still survive so there is a lot of snow along the road – fortunately it stays at the side of the road and don’t go out to the tarmac making it safe to drive.

Private island in the lake

We have left the fjord behind – but water always seems to be nearby in Norway so instead of a fjord we just have a lot of lakes along the road.

The main obstacle on the drive is the local farm life – the sheep’s roam freely and now and again they decide the road is a nicer place to be than the cold mountain on the side with the wet grass.

Trying to clear the road

The drive down was a nice and pretty drive for sure.

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