Heading for Utsikten at Gaularfjellet

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We have just taken the ferry across the large Sognefjord and just as we get off the ferry we start driving up hill. It is an old road across the mountain called Gaularfjellet – the route has been named one of the Norwegian tourist roads which should mean it will be very scenic.

It doesn’t take long before the old road become very narrow with many hairpins – and it is very scenic. Unfortunately there are no places to turn out and go out to take photos of the view. It is quite typical for one of the scenic roads in Norway – usually there is no place to stop when you see a view you enjoy and just what to enjoy for a little bit longer.

Utsikten view point

So we just have to continue up the hill and take care when an oncoming vehicle drives down the hill – every time we have to pass another car we have to go out to the side of the road so there is enough space to pass each other.

Hairpins down the mountain

After a bit of slow driving we reach a point on the top of the hill – the place is called Utsikten which basically translate into the view. Up here they have actually made a pretty big view point where you can stop and enjoy the view. They actually have made a bit of facilities with a toilet at the top which might be the only official rest stop on the route.

There is a construction at the top where you can walk up a bit further and enjoy the view. We do enjoy the view here where we can look down on the valley below and see the road with all the hairpins we had just driven through on the way to the top. There isn’t a lot of cars on the road when we look down at the road it is empty.


    1. It had a few – but it isn’t Trollstigen which is the famous road in Norway for the hairpins. Personally I thought this one was more exciting with a narrow road with hairpins.

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