Stopping at Likholfosen

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We have been driving along one of the scenic tourist road of Norway – there are 18 in total and the old road across Gaularfjellet certainly is scenic – but now we have made it down the hill and are heading through a valley the mountain.

Small house behind Likholfosen

We reach a place which is supposed to have a fairly big waterfall – fortunately there is one of the few parking lots right here. So we stop at the parking right next to the road and head for the waterfall.

It is only a short walk from the parking lot to a bridge across a river. The river is right at the waterfall. The river is rushing quickly by and there is a waterfall right here. The river is fairly broad but there isn’t a lot of elevation difference so the actually fall of the water at Likholfosen isn’t very big.

The bridge across the river at Likholfosen

The waterfall is nice but it is a bit difficult to get into a good position for a view of the fall. It would have been better if the bridge had been a little bit further down the river. So after a little look at the fall we continue. There was the option to go to some other falls in the area – but we skip these since we had to continue towards our hotel.


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