Northern side of Sognefjorden

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We have come down from the mountain and get back to the northern side of the large Sognefjord area. The drive down was pretty and the even though it is one of the main roads between Oslo and Bergen the traffic is fairly light.

As we drive along the road there is a nice varied hilly landscape with a lot of green pastures – it seems like this area is one of the bread baskets of Norway. Apparently they even have a vineyard somewhere in the area this vineyard is the northern most place in the world where they grow wine.

There are nice view of the different small valleys which all seems to have some pretty wooden houses and a church here and there. Some of the churches are also built at least partly by wood. I guess the country has a surplus of trees so they prefer to build everything by wood instead of stone.

As we drive along it is hard to find any really major attractions. What is attractive of the area is just the constant changing view of the valleys and the fjord. The landscape is so varied around here making it a joy just to drive without really having a purpose or a destination we are going to.

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