Taking the ferry from Hella to Vangsnes

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Going through Norway it seems like we have to take at least a ferry every day and today is no different. We have driven around Sognefjorden and along the northern side of the fjord – but our hotel is on the southern side of the fjord. It is a very long drive if we have to back around the fjord so the easy way to get back is just take the ferry across the water.

View from the ferry

We haven’t checked the schedule for the ferry beforehand but fortunately it is only a short ferry ride of about 20 minutes. And the ferry seems to sail across the fjord pretty much constantly just arriving at one side and then depart a few minutes later. We arrive at the small pier with the ferry – I thought there would be a bit of a village but there really is nothing but a road leading to the pier where the ferry will arrive. There aren’t a lot of cars either so we are pretty much at the front of the line waiting for the ferry.

After about 5 minutes a ferry arrives. The ferry quickly lets out the cars it was carrying and then it is our tour to drive onboard the ferry. The system in Norway is a bit strange – you can’t buy a ticket for the ferry instead they just scan the number plate and you have to register to pay online. Fortunately we knew about this beforehand and had signed up for automatic payments – and it worked very smoothly. I have no idea what to do if you hadn’t signed up before arriving at the first ferry terminal.

A ferry going the opposite direction

We drive onboard the ferry and when we have stopped the car we head right out the car and go to the upper deck. From the upper deck there is a good view of the fjord. It is nice to take a ferry across the fjord to enjoy the view of the water. The ferry isn’t a scenic cruise – just transport – but the view from the ferry ride is still pretty.

There is a view of the cloud covered mountains in the area and a fairly large waterfall in the distance. When we are about half way across the fjord we pass another ferry going in the opposite direction. A few minutes later we arrive at the small ferry port and drive off the ferry and on to the highway.


  1. My daughter and I had our trip to Norway cancelled due to coronavirus. She’s in the USA and I’m in Croatia, and we were to meet there. We would have been there right now and may have bumped into you. Thanks for sharing your trip as I’ve enjoyed experiencing it vicariously through your eyes and hopefully we will get to visit in a year or two.

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