Heading up Tindeveien

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The weather has been bad all day but finally it seems to be clearing just a little bit. It is quite fortunate since we will be heading up the mountain road now on our drive around the eastern end of the Sognefjord area. The road is fairly narrow but the traffic is light so it isn’t necessary to pull out too often to give way for oncoming traffic.

We start the drive at the low land around the fjord but it doesn’t take long before we leave the water behind and drive up the mountain. As we get up there the landscape change quickly from the fairly lush vegetation down at the fjord to more bare landscape with little vegetation. The low temperature up the hill ensures there will be no trees growing even at fairly low elevation.

As we get higher there is more and more snow along the road – it might be the middle of summer but that doesn’t seem to matter much in Norway. It is cold all year when you get to just a few hundred meters of elevations.

When we reach the top of the mountain there is a gate where we have to pay a toll fee. This gate only accept credit card – so you better make sure you have remembered to bring the plastic from the hotel to pay. Otherwise you will have to turn around and head down the hill the same way you came.

After we have passed the top of the hill we go down until we reach a larger road which is a scenic road going across Sognefjellet in the direction of Oslo. It is supposedly a very pretty road but it is getting too late to go further away from our hotel – so a drive along this scenic mountain road will have to wait for another visit to Norway. Instead we head down the hill back towards the fjord.

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